From the Criticism of Capitalism to Eco-Feminism; FemCamp as a Unique Platform for Feminist Discussions

“Inequality is everywhere and has deep roots, sometimes stereotypes are so deeply embedded in us, that we don’t notice the presence of discrimination” mentions Anna Mekhakyan, a participant of the FemCamp feminist forum, who believes that all women, without exception, collide with gender discrimination, and the forum contributed to the acknowledgement of this issue and motivated women to be claimants for their own rights.

FemCamp, a unique feminist forum, which was organized by “Society without violence” NGO, adopted this exact mission, which united more than 30 young women and girls from June 27 to July 2 not only to study the essence of feminism, but also to speak up about different problems which are considered taboo in Armenian society and to find solutions to them.

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