Gender Equality Day, 2020: Celebration of the 10th Anniversary

 Gender equality is a crucial feature of democratic societies as well as central value and the purpose in   democratization processes. In 2010, Society Without Violence NGO declared July 27 as Gender Equality   Day to contribute to the establishment of gender equality in Armenia.     Since then, every year we organize extensive public activities aimed at awareness raising on gender and   women’s rights, educating and sensitizing the Armenian society with a vision of creating a reality where   gender-based stereotypes, violence and discrimination are no longer accepted.


 Now, 10 years after introducing Gender Equality Day, we continued to celebrate it within the "Gender   Equality through Education" theme.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all events dedicated to July 27 took place exclusively on online platforms.

We published interesting information and thoughts regarding the history, peculiarity, public perceptions, and  goals of July 27. We presented important days that are recognized as national days in different countries.

 July 21 was one of the best opportunities for self-education. The leading experts in the field -  Anna   Arutshyan (Researcher at Oxford University, Co-Founder of SWV NGO), Hasmik Gevorgyan (Professor of   Sociology at YSU, Gender Studies Expert) and Ani Kojoyan (Lecturer at YSU, Expert on Education and   Gender Studies) interactively held "Gender Discourse: Stereotypes, Culture, Media” webinar.

The series of events dedicated to Gender Equality Day was closed on July 27 with an online discussion on  "Gender Equality through Education". The speakers of the discussion were: Maria Karapetyan (Member of  the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia), Nvard Manasyan (UNICEF Armenia, Gender Equality Program Officer), Anna Arutshyan (Co-Founder of SWV NGO, Researcher at Oxford University), Ani Kojoyan (Lecturer at YSU, Expert on Education and Gender Studies). The discussion was facilitated by Arshaluys Mghdesyan. We are delighted to mention that this important matter of our time was distributed widely reaching  over 35,000 views.

We are thankful to all participants, speakers, organizations, and our partners for sharing Gender Equality Day values ​​with us.






Meeting with the Political Figures and the Workshop on Writing Policy Proposals

On September 28, members of “Take action” Women Political Club had a chance to meet with prominent woman political figures: MLSA minister’s adviser Olya Azatyan and NA delegate Maria Karapetyan.

The active discussion revolved around the topic entitled “Women’s Involvement in the Governmental and Decision-making Processes; Opportunities and Challenges.”

The next day, the participants of “Take action” had a workshop session on policy writing. Ani Kojoyan, gender studies expert and lecturer of Yerevan State University lead the training, introduced the methods and tools of conducting research and developing policy proposals. The participants of the women’s political club applied their skills and knowledge in writing policy proposals and submitting them to the corresponding governmental bodies.

The topics of researches varied including women’s matters in the agriculture, temporary unemployment and maternity allowance, women’s employment issues in rural communities, excluding violent scenes in television.

We are glad to share that policy proposals and recommendations will be considered for the amendments in laws by the National Assembly of Armenia.



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