In 2012, the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) was formed through the efforts of SWV. The Rapid Response Unit was created as a result of the issues our country faces and the violence against women that is prevailing in Armenia. The mission of RRU is to reveal domestic violence cases, strategically litigate, raise public awareness, ensure fair and transparent investigations of court trials, and provide media coverage. Thereby, contributing to the decrease of gender-based violence cases against women and the improvement of more effective mechanisms and strategies at the state level.

To achieve these goals, the RRU team cooperates with existing hotlines and crisis centers for women and the police. One success of the RRU was the creation of an online platform - This provides the opportunity for all people to report cases of gender-based violence from any place and at any time. By pinning their location on the map, the RRU team can investigate cases of gender-based violence, respond to it and provide future assistance. Anyone in the world has access to the RRU website to read about the reported cases.


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