Enabling Accessible and Sustained Gender Education

“Enabling Accessible and Sustained Gender Education” project has launched!

The international experts, local researchers, representatives from the government and educators came together to discuss the challenges and make suggestions regarding the “Gender Studies” course for teachers and adults in continuing education which design is in progress.

During two productive working days the invited experts from universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Canterbury – Sian Crisp, Kerrie Thorhill, Roisin Burke and Anna Arutshyan worked with local proficient researchers Hasmik Gevorgyan and Ani Kojoyan. After efficient discussions they agreed on the thematic aspects of the course. Each of the experts will have her contribution in gender stereotypes, gender and conflict, transformative education, representation of gender in the folk tales, critical thinking skills and other modules.

At the end of the second working day the experts met with the stakeholders. All parties stressed the relevance and the importance of teachers’ requalification. Although some topics covering gender equality are included in the public schools’ curriculum the efficiency is low as the teachers also have stereotypical thinking and thus reproduce it.

The selected topics were presented during the meeting. The representatives had discussions about the criteria of the course. They also suggested to use the course as a part of the training for the employees in the corresponding divisions of the ministry.

After the stage of the designing of the course it will eventually be launched in online version giving an opportunity for accessible and available gender studies to all.


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