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 One of the main pillars of SWV is women’s awareness and empowerment. In order to fulfill this mission, SWV puts an emphasis on education. Since the foundation of the organization, numerous non-formal training sessions have been held for girls and women. The objectives of these training sessions are to raise awareness about gender equality and women's rights, to empower and strengthen the skills of young girls and women, to break the stereotypes, to increase knowledge about prevention and to overcome domestic and gender-based violence.

However, SWV does not limit itself to only non-formal education. SWV views gender education as a basis for domestic violence prevention and have taken measures to ensure gender education becomes a formal aspect of school curricula in the Republic of Armenia. Gender education includes subjects relating to gender equality. As a means of promoting this activity, SWV along with National Institute of Education, developed and published a theoretical and practical guide "Man and Woman, Different but Equal", which will be given to all schools in the Republic of Armenia.   



“I have the right to live, even if my parents did not plan my arrival to the world and decide to stop fetal development. Anyway, I have the right to live.
I have the right to love, I will love, even if I am rejected.
I have the right to speak, even if for this I am to be put behind bars.
I have the right to remain silent, even if I am to be tortured. They try to break me. “

The text above is a piece of Zaruhi’s own convention. A convention she has written by herself and calls My rights. Zaruhi is human rights defender and activist and believes in a strong civil society and that although we are all different we should have equal rights.
 Zaruhi is a 38 years old women, wife and mother of three children. Zaruhi graduated State University as a musician and journalist and started to work at an Armenian private news company. 

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